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The choices you have when it comes to bathtubs are truly endless. The first step before you replace your bathtub is to make sure your current tub is structurally sound. With metal bathtubs, including iron and pewter bathtubs, a thorough inspection is needed to determine if your tub is structurally sound. Wood bathtubs and the cheap acrylic bathtubs absolutely do not last for years. If they are in fair condition, you can research your options with a custom bathtub specialist.

Once you feel your current tub is structurally sound, you need to research replacement options. Remember that your new bathroom must blend in exactly and must be as "filthy" as you want it to be. To that end, a plumber can help you determine the options you have with bathtubs, adjoining walls and fixtures. Now, with the bathtub standing in your way, you will have more time to choose which options you would like.

When browsing your choices, remember that you are trying to create a new look and feel in your bathroom. It is important not to settle for a design that does not align with your needs and your overall style. Take a look at our bathtubs to get an idea of how you can customize your bathtub and your bathroom.

A bathtub provides you with the ultimate place to relax after a long day. Choosing the design and options that best suits your bath space, no matter the size, is important. Bathtubs are available in common, corner, and soaking tubs, just to name a few.

A bathtub support ottoman is an optional accessory that has been used to help people sleep. It is a small bubble type of ottoman that is placed on top of the bathtub providing support and comfort while relaxing. Bathtubs are available with and without "stub mounting" either of which provides reduced maintenance and an even more clean look to your bathtub drawers and doors.

There are many appealing options not available in traditional bathtubs for the do-it-yourselfer, like choices for wall controls, door enclosures, and the option for a thermostatic temperature controller. With a little research and design planning, you can't afford to forget that the new look will also include added value.

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