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A bathroom conversion or improvement is a great way to freshen a bathroom. With a minimal outlay, you can add class and style with a new vanity and new elegant looking shower fixtures. You may also need to upgrade other fixtures such as toilets, faucets, cabinets, and flooring. All of these can be done for a minimal amount of money and will help transform any bathroom into a room you can be proud of.

If you haven't looked at converting your bathroom since the 1990s, you know how popular the luxury bathroom has become. It was popular in the early 1990s and remains so today. The luxury bathroom, with walk in showers, toilet, and tub has become a necessity for many of us. With today's market, you can create a bathroom with a very minimal outlay, yet will make the room look as if you have spent a fortune.

Shopping for a bath conversion is not expensive; many of the products are comparable to other products found in the home improvement or bathroom stores. This gives you the ability to create a very affordable bathroom. You can convert your bathroom without going broke! This is what makes a conversion a perfect alternative to completely remodeling a bathroom.

Before you start your remodeling, it is important to get exact measurements of your bathroom and create a plan of action. It is the process of planning and implementing new designs and concepts to convert your bathroom from an outdated room to a modernized one.

The most important part of any conversion is the plumbing. No amount of good designs will help if your existing plumbing is inefficient and will put a strain on your remodeling budget. After the plumbing, the wall and floor enclosures must be considered.

Once the utility connections are in place and the pipe runs are diagrammed, you will be ready to start the actual conversion. Many people choose to paint or stain their new surfaces to match their bathroom. Then, it is time to get the fixtures in place. Many projects will involve the installation of a new toilet, sink, or bathtub for an upgraded look. The cabinet space and doors must also be installed.

Before the fixtures are placed in their new locations, you may want to try installing a new medicine cabinet if you have a medicine cabinet that is roughly finished. This will give you the space to add tub fixtures and faucets before you add the existing tub, shower stall, and toilet to the bathroom. There are several options for a toilet conversion and you may want to fashion one of the hand-painted designs for an inexpensive alternative.

Once your toilet is installed and the cabinets are installed there is not a better time to finish the bathroom and add your luxury fixtures. Now you are ready to add your tub or shower stall, faucet systems, mirror, and toilet paper holder, etc. At this point, you are ready to make color changes to the shower curtain, floor tiles, and wall paint.

Finally, you have created a beautiful new bathroom. Now is the time to put your creative talent and style to good use in creating an appealing design to set your bathroom apart from the rest!

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Tub to Shower Conversions

A tub-to-shower conversion involves removing your tub & replacing it with a shower base. Then you do the shower surround walls.

This process will give your bathroom an updated look and also make it easier for you to access your shower, preventing the slip-and-fall injuries that can occur when stepping over a bathtub wall.

Shower to Tub Conversions

For a shower-to-tub conversion, we will install a bathtub by first removing the shower base and then redo the surrounding walls.

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